JUNE 2001

Ailerons almost complete, start on flaps. The plan here is to have as much ready to prime as possible in one hit to save on time and materials.

Top side of left flap clecoed together ready to take apart and start de-burring, dimpling, countersinking etc.

Bottom side of left flap.
Flap actuating arm on inboard rib of left rib. Also visible is the piano hinge which runs full span.
Van's supply a very full kit, even the bench to build it all on. Can't take any credit for the idea but the extra work space will come in handy. I can still get the car in too even with the bench. The bench is however fixed to the wall with a couple of hinges which allows it to be folded up out of the way when not in use. Also makes it very stable as walls don't normally move!
JULY 2001

Almost ready to inspect port Flap next to Aileron.

Flap spar clecoed on until inspected.
October 2001

Completed and signed off ailerons and flaps.



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