The dreaded tanks !

First picture of inside the tank. Fuel pick up is the Vans optional pre-made item. Fuel level sensor is  also from Vans. Also visible at the front is the vent line.
Flop tube, fuel cap, filler neck and drain for port tank.
New Delux fuel cap.
Lift the tab, easily without any tools to reveal the lock.
You then have to turn the tab to remove the cap.
Cap removed showing filler neck.
Inboard rib all sealed with fittings and attach bracket.
Inside inboard bay.
And again. All the ribs are sealed and yes it is sticky stuff! but you just got to work at it. I figured that being too neat with the goop wasn't a priority. The definition of a fuel tank is a container that holds fuel!
Port tank with first session of sealant 6 of 10 stiffeners, and tank drain flange fitted.
Access hatch reinforcement plate and nut plates, and fitting for vent line.
Rear baffle, the float sensor for fuel level is fitted into the second bay as this tank is having a flop tube just incase it gets aerobatic clearance!
June 2003 Work ongoing on left wing and tank.
Inside views of the left tank which is being fitted for inverted operations.
Same shot with a slightly different angle showing the flop tube, trap door and vent tube.
Another view of the trap door and holes in the ribs to allow fuel to flow between the bays. The idea of the trap door is to limit the flow of fuel out of the inboard bay when the left wing is down thus keeping the end of the flop tube in fuel and supplying fuel to the engine.
Inside the outboard bay showing the underside of the fuel filler and the end of the vent tube.
Not much more to say about the tanks other than I now have a matching pair. No more PR1422 for me (for a while at least) yippee.

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