December 2003 Work has been going on but repeat of the starboard wing so not very interesting. Port wing now almost ready for inspection and have started on the fuselage bulkheads.
Port wing, ready to rivet the bottom skins on, then hang ailerons and flaps and get inspected.
Inside showing the rear of the pitot mount and pitot tubeing.
Weird angle of the bottom on the port wing.
January 2004 Been too cold to work in the garage so been pressing on with the fuse bulkheads. See fuselage page.
Port wing with the bottom skins riveted on and the Aileron hinges getting drilled to the rear spar.
As above different angle. The wooden airfoil jigs still on waiting to align the flaps.
Just for kicks here's the starboard wing complete with aileron and flap sitting in the storage cradle waiting for it's partner. Soon.
As above.
June 2004 Work stops play. Been a bit busy and also went to Sun & Fun again. Brill. result 3 months with very little building. Things now back on track for a while anyway.
Both wings now ready for inspection, well almost, still to attach the port flap brace and fit aileron pushrod.
As above from the other end. Wings in storage crate checking out best set-up for the Fuse jig.

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