Progress has been slow over the summer. Have however been to Sun & Fun and the PFA rally at Cranfield. Much of the work has been prep work and so not much to show for it.

Sep 2002

Leading edge skin riveted to ribs ready for inspection prior to riveting to spar. Lower skins also ready to rivet.

Wing inspection hatch all dimpled and attached with two of the bolts to check the fit.


Wing inspection hatch from the back side.
Inside the wing from the top. 
Landing light mounting bracket. First piece to be painted! White may not be the colour of the plane! but inside the light bays will be to reflect the light. Not that it matters much as it's day VFR only in the U.K. anyway.
October 2002 Inspector visited and passed all done to wing to date and let me carry on putting more parts together.
Wing leading edge now riveted to spar and lower skins riveted on. Progress at last.
Internal view of Aileron bell-crank. Note black conduit for wiring to lights etc. Fitted it now so as not to forget.
Outboard aileron hinge clamped into position ready to align aileron.
Aileron attached to hinges ready to align and rivet on hinges.
Starboard wing almost complete it's time to start looking at the extras for the Port wing. I decided to go for a heated Pitot tube, shown here with the Gretz mounting kit.
March 2003 Work has been ongoing but on the other wing. The previous photos cover this but in a mirror image. One plus is that things are going together quicker and you learn from the first one what to look out for!

The following photos are just to prove I haven't given up.

Here's the top of the port wing with the main skins clecoed on. Cargo straps still in place used to hold down the leading edge skin whilst drilling to ribs.
Here's the bottom of the port wing with the main skins clecoed on. Just the tank to go.
Internals of the port tank. Note missing hole in the 2nd rib from right as I'm fitting a flop tube. The access hatch hole has yet to be cut.
Top side without the straps.
And the bottom.
April 2003 Lot of work but not a lot to show for it, mainly deburring and dimpling the port wing parts. Ready to start priming shortly then reassemble with rivets.
Stbd wing with the flap brace finally primed and fitted. Inboard three ribs not fitted at this time as plan to work out to the end avoiding blind rivets.
Port wing inside showing the Gretz pitot mount backing plate
Gretz pitot mount with base primed and nut-plates fitted.
Pitot tube to fit above!
August 2003 Work on the wing has been slow recently, what with being on holiday and also going to the PFA Rally followed the following week by RIAT at Fairford. Anyway the 2nd tank is all but complete (see tank page), and work has restarted on the wing.
This is the leading edge landing light kit from the Van's catalogue.
Stall Warner fitted to the port leading edge. The position is dictated by the PFA Engineering team so hopefully should be right.
Internal shot of the micro switch which will set off a buzzer in the cockpit warning of impending doom!
Big hole cut in perfectly good leading edge for the port landing light, or in the case of the UK where it's Day VFR Only "HERE I AM!" light. You never know, one day we might be allowed to fly in the dark, rather than been kept in the dark!
Stall warner switch removed from the wing skin to allow priming.
Pitot mount mounted! holes cut in lower skin to allow mount to hold the pitot out in the breeze, (or with an RV 'gale')
Pic to follow Leading edge all primed and riveted together and attached to main spar.

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