Feb 2002

Bottom right skins fitted and clecoed onto frame. No big surprises here, all went to plan and didn't take long to do. Next is the top skin.

Another RV cleco farm!


Sub rib to reinforce the aileron hinge attach point. Hole is for aileron push rod.
One of the stiffeners for the aileron bell crank hinge rib. 
Modified rib with mounting arrangement for the aileron bell crank.
Wing tie down bracket on main spar. Now how do you suppose you drill the hole (the one without a bolt) through from the square bar, which is the tie down bracket, into the angle it butts up to? Easy if you are building the spars and can remove the angle from the spar. But these are pre-built spars and even the smallest drill chuck will rip the gold anodizing to death. My answer to the problem is below.
Take drill of required size, get some 6mm nylon tube, warm tube with heat gun so it slips onto drill. I ended up inserting a piece of rod in the other end to save the chuck crushing the tube. This is now a long super flexi drill bit. Worked a treat but you can't press hard, just let the drill do the work!
Bosch digital level, I can see the advantage of this tool. Super accurate and easy to use. Has a bleeper to tell you when it's level (or perpendicular). As can be seen the main spar is level, it should be as I originally used a water level to set it up.

It's level this way too!


Top skins clecoed on, had to rearrange the clecos as running out fast.
Leading edge skin strapped into position ready to start drilling and clecoing.
Just requires the tank to make the inboard leading edge a bit more aerodynamic!
Full wing with tank internals attached.
Inside the fuel tank.
Outboard leading edge clecoed on. Fuel tank skin strapped ready to start drilling.

It's almost a full wing, soon time to take apart again and start deburring, dimpling etc.

The final product complete with inspection hatch cover. Most of the clecos have been removed ready to start the deburring and dimpling.
When all goes to plan you get a row of holes down the line you drew on the rib like this one!
Take one leading edge and attack with a Dremel with cut off disk, and a die grinder with a Scotchbright wheel. Result a big hole.
Now a plan is coming together. This bracket and light gets fitted behind said hole.
Give it some juice and we have light!

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