July 2001

Replacement spar wrapped in plastic to the left, rear spars to the right. One assembled other ready to prime.


What do you do with a spare (all be it absolutely useless) spar? Hang it on the wall of course.


September 2001

So it is an airplane. Starboard wing spar with ribs temporarily fixed to check alignment with pre-punched skins. I don't want any holes with fresh air behind!

Second view as above. Don't you just love those pre-fab spars, worth every $.
Two views of the starboard wing in the process of being mounted in the jig. 

Rear spar clamped to ribs until final positioning checked for the N'th time.

Note 6mm tube used as a water level to set up main spar level. Not visible is the string stretched along the spar web to check for straight, hence leg mid point rear spar to remove the sag.  Also large foam blocks covering ends of 2" angles holding main spar, re GBI RV Videos. You only have to think about walking into one of these to fit the blocks! CAP232 fuse. under wing awaiting engine refit.
October 2001.   CAP232 has it's engine refitted and is ready to fly (just require floats as field a bit damp!!)

Rear spar clecoed on and tip ribs attached.

Trial fit of leading edge skin to check line up of holes and ribs. All ok so far.


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