The wings arrive after a long wait.

Originally ordered Nov 2000, Shipped from Van's 5th Feb 2001, Arrived in Scotland 5th April 2001

The shipping company forgot to put the crates on the boat, twice! hence wait.

When they did arrive the spar crate was damaged.

The crates arrive.


This was a crate once.  Who knows what happened to it but surprisingly only one part was missing!

This is the sad part, beautiful left spar with big dents. Doesn't look like much but would you trust it for the next 20 years?

The rear spars also have 1/2" of the ends bashed.


Initial reaction from Van's 'unbelievable' contact the insurers to start a claim.
Inventory of kit parts. Only one part, W-607A missing.
More parts. Wood behind red truck is the spar crate as it came. Flat packed.
More parts, loads of ribs. Top right, the yellow bit is the spinner on a Weston CAP232, minus cowl. Yep another aeromodeller turns RV builder.


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