June-2000 My first RV Grin, and this was before flying!



July 2004 My first flight in and RV8, again the grin before flight! Thanks Andrew.

A friends RV6A on a trip to Oban on the west coast of Scotland.


June 2001 :- Another trip in G-RVEE Perth - Nottingham 1hr 40min.

Where we met up with another RV builder, G-RVDR is Derek's second offence! both built from plans.

Workmanship first class. While John the owner of G-RVEE went off to a business meeting Derek took me for a trip around the countryside in G-RVDR. Not easy to read but the tacho reads 13hrs. First flight was only a few months before. Returned later to Aberdeen in G-RVEE. Over 5 hours flying in 2 RV6A's in one day, not bad eh!