Aug 07  
Probably should be in the fwf section, this is the collection of sensors for the AF3500EE
One set of auto pilot parts, Trio EZ-pilot and EZ3 altitude hold.
The almost complete panel. Just the map box to fit then a final coat of paint and some more labels to apply. Talking of which I'm using a laser printable water slide system. The finish is more than acceptable and to make them more durable I'm applying a matt lacquer over the entire panel to protect them.
Close up of the AF3500EE and the row of warning lights. Overkill perhaps but some are required by the P.F.A. anyway. The unmarked on is for starter engaged (forgot to print this one). They are also marked with the water slide system but the labels are under the glass.
Auto pilot section.
Close up of the avionics bus and marking. Spare hole in panel, not sure if I'm going to fit anything in there yet, might make an attachment for a PDA or MP 3 player, or for the handheld backup radio........
Close up of the main bus and hobbs meter.
Under the breaker panel I'm fitting a small panel to hold the in-flight switches and the fuel selector valve. This sits on top of the center console.
Dec 07  
Panel in place and ready to wire.
Some of the components require cut outs for the connectors to feed through, These are then reinforced with angle to restore the original strength.
Master relay, with current shunt and ANL. The copper will be covered with heat shrink to reduce the chances of connecting with spanners etc.
Starboard side of the engine with the CHT and EGT sensors installed.
Port side ditto and the air intake snorkel complete with by-pass flap.
Oil pressure switch, sensor and fuel pressure sensor.
Oil temperature just forward of the oil filter and just to the right and below the RPM pickup.
Jan 08  
The wiring begins.
Jan 09 Holly ----- Its a year since I took the picture above. I need to get a move on
There has been work done but I've been a bit slack on the camera front.
Behind the panel there won't be too much to see.
Only the warning light wires will be visible.
Alt hold servo in place.
Proposed location of the headset plugs.

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