Sept 06  
Rudder bars completed and all the nuts have the cotter pins fitted.
Fuel pump assembly all painted and ready to fit.
Seat backs partly painted. I painted the backs without the side rails so I could get into the 'V' shapes better.
The Flap motor housing all assembled and painted ready to go.
Park brake. Variation on a theme here but basically fitted where there would have been bulkhead fittings anyway. This way there are only an extra two leakage points. It's out of the way and easy to get a control cable onto. I'll get a proper end for the cable come time, just now it has a joggle to test the operation.
Oct 06  
Big step forward, painted the inside. Why? so I could fit things and leave them there to stay.

Here's the front after removing the masking..

And with the fuel pump, cover and heat box.
The rear before the floor boards are nailed down!
And the other side.
Floor boards laid in for effect.
Seat backs also laid in to give an idea of the finished article.
And the flap actuator housing set in. roughly where it will live.
Mounts for the main gear in place and a couple of bolts in to hold them. Will require a few more before the legs go in and take any weight.



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