Jan 06  
Front skin drilled on, this will be left this way until near the end to allow access to the behind panel stuff. The canopy frame is also part assembled in this photo.
Rear top skin strapped down and part drilled on.
Completed drilling the top skin.
This is the last skin on the fuse to be drilled on.
Feb 06  
  Lots of time on the canopy structure
Painted the rudder pedals.
March 06  
Empennage fairing slowly being trimmed into position
Elevator and horizontal stab fairings first fit, not looking too bad thankfully.
And the tip, ends to be filled in next using balsa and fiberglass.
May 06  
Initial try of canopy
And from another angle.
Set up and initial cut to remove excess from molding
Re-try on the fuselage to get an idea of how much to cut off.
Plenty of gap, over 1", require to get this as close as possible so a fair amount to come off the front to get this down.
Getting ready for the big cut.
The cut line is between the blue and yellow electrical tape.
The rear fixed part after cutting.
The front half requiring fitting to the frame.

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