Nov 05

  Been jumping back and fore a bit lately
Rear most top skin riveted in place.
And from the other side.
Port side static vent and tubing. still to connect the tube going forward once I figure how it's going to get there.
Starboard side static port.
Port side seat belt shoulder attachment.
One of the rudder cable exit fairings.
Looking like an airplane at last. Empennage kit fitted to allow the throws to be checked and stops adjusted
And form the other side.
The big push, or at least push rod which connects the elevator bell crank to the elevators.
Inside the cabin area, floor skins flap housing etc all getting fitted.
Looking forward, sticks and aileron trim, further forward the fuel pump installed, and the hot air box and floor cover. This is a 7 part but comes as the RV6 additions in the F.W.F. kits.
Dec 05  
Static line run through the 604 bulkhead
gets covered by the channel that covers the longeron.
And from the back, I've also got a pair of channels as above to cover the longeron and tidy up the baggage area.
Tail feathers all attached and throws set. The fiberglass fairing even looks like it's going to fit without too much work
And from the other side.
Jan 06  
Front skin drilled on, this will be left this way until near the end to allow access to the behind panel stuff. The canopy frame is also part assembled in this photo.
Rear top skin strapped down and part drilled on.
Completed drilling the top skin.
This is the last skin on the fuse to be drilled on.



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