Feb 05

And here she is, just had to throw in a cushion and make airplane noises!
Side view showing the temporary legs. These are bolted to the dummy spars which are bolted into the fuse. The fuse is all leveled at this stage both side to side and fore - aft.
This triangular rear skin is where the tail plane sits. Before fitting this the rear end of the fuse can be twisted quite a bit. Clamping down this skin and keeping it level squares up the whole fuse and is amazing how rigid the whole thing becomes.
And from another angle, still to be drilled final size and riveted but require an inspection before I can do that.
Just aft of the baggage rear wall is the bell-crank for the elevator. This is dry fit as there are washers to go each side of the bearing, the idea is that if the bearing fails the washers would help keep it in place until you land!
Baggage compartment getting lined, skins all cut to size and ready to drill to the structure.
And looking forward. The two light coloured brackets on the floor behind the seat is the seatbelt attachment points.
And the front side of the seats. I've jumped ahead a little here as I require the seats in place to make up the foam cores to be able to get the seat upholstery underway.
Initial setup of the foam, the base has 3 layers of conforfoam. This is quite firm but very comfortable as it molds to your shape
And  a side view, the back has one layer of conforfoam and one layer of normal foam.
Aug 05  
Bit of a break due to addition to family taking priority, work has been ongoing albeit slow.

My new co-pilot 4 months old.

In the mean time the Engine, Finish kit and Fire wall forward kit have all arrived. Basically got everything bar the prop to get the RV airborne, just a fair amount of work to go.

Engine pictures are in the engine section. Forgot to take photos of the finish kit arriving. It landed in the garage about an hour before I headed out on a business trip for 2 weeks.


Firewall with the start of fitting some components. Not exactly in step with the instruction book, but some light entertainment !
Forward section with the panel and sub panel. The instrument panel still requires trimming to shape but not rushing into it just now.
Roll over frame clecoed together , the inner rows are still to be final drilled.
Another view of the rear cabin structure.
And the instrument panel form the other side.
Here's the rudder bars, note the top one is missing 3 off gussets. Informed Vans who are sending another, doh.
APF fuel pump and filter assembly, and the cover. This is a high pressure electric back-up pump which will be fitted to the cabin floor in front of the main spar. Fuel from the tank selector valve goes through this filter pump assembly before passing through the firewall and onto the engine driven pump which feeds the fuel injection system.

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