Sept 2004.Fuse skeleton taken apart and all deburred cleaned and primed

About half the parts for the fuselage skeleton. A quick count up and there must be over 120 parts in total !
Some more parts. Jig makes a handy table to spray on.
Skeleton going back together.
Firewall with some parts attached.
Another view of the rear section
And another.
And from the other side
Seat ribs from the side you sit on. One rib is modified to allow the controls to go in.
Another shot of the firewall.
Looking aft from the firewall, this is taken through the square hole in the firewall for the recess to fit in. 
This is where the control tube to the ailerons will be.
The next job is to fit the skins. Starting to look like a plane all be it upside down.
Oct 2004  
First one drilled on, rear tail cone, this is one tough bit of kit, took some force just to bend it a little to get a tight fit.
Next the bottom skin. Here it is with the map of all the bulkheads and J stringers. The rivet fan makes laying out the spaceing a lot quicker. Well worth the money.
Same skin drilled to the structure. I'm going for back drilling when the skins overlap.
Same from a different angle.
Rear side skin part way through drilling to skeleton. Progress seams quite quick at this point, will come to a slow down when all the skins are on and it's deburr, dimple, clean and prime time again. All this page to date has been done in a week.
Second side skin all drilled and clecoed on. Both centre bottom skins have also been drilled, clecoed and trimmed to approximately the correct size.
Another view of the centre bottom skins. This is a forced compound curve and ends up looking fine but I can see why the RV7 is flat in this area!
And now the final bottom skin is in place. I have attached the floor stiffeners and drilled the pilot holes for the firewall attachement. Here the skin is clamped down and with some weights added to the rear edge will be drilled to the firewall angle.
Just the forward side skins to go. There is one of them alongside the jig which has been trimmed a little. still some more to do before fitting to the skeleton but very soon.

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