Work begins on the fuselage December 2003. Wings not yet complete but too cold to work in the unheated garage so retire to the warms of the inner sanctum of the workshop to work on the smaller parts of the fuselage, the bulkheads.

Couldn't resist putting a few clecoes into this, the fire wall. All matched punched, so this is what building a 7,8 or 9 is like!
The next former came in the wing kit and is where the main spars attach to. All pre-drilled but with some work required before being ready to prime and rivet.
And these bits make up the former behind the seats and to which the rear spar attaches. There's a bit of work to do to these before they can be primed and riveted together. not least tapering the shorter flat bars shown at the bottom of the picture.
There's another 3 or is it 4 formers to go in here.
And these bring up the tail end.
December 2003
Firewall all drilled, de-burred, dimpled and counter sunk, ready to prime.
Wing attach bulkhead with the control sticks mounted so as to mark out where to remove the upper flange to allow full movement of the stick.
Same bulkhead with its other parts, all cleaned and countersunk ready to rivet once top flange trimmed.
January 2004  
Continued to prepare bulkheads for the fuselage. Hear is the after lot all about ready except the edges still to de-burr and polish then clean and prime.
June 2004 Work stops play. Been a bit busy and also went to Sun & Fun again. Brill. result 3 months with very little building. Things now back on track for a while anyway.
Firewall front side after riveting on the stiffeners on the back.
Firewall rear view. Still to fit the recess box which is to be left until later.
Next main bulkhead is the one for the main spars to attach. This is the front side.
And the rear. Cutouts on the top flange are for the control stick movement areas.
Next bulkhead back is the rear spar attachment points and the seat back support. Again front side
And the rear. The square hole is where the elevator push rod travels through from the base of the sticks to the bell-crank just aft of the baggage area.
The bell-crank sits in here. This is part of the bulkhead structure forming the rear of the baggage compartment.
Same, there are still two more parts to add to form the shape. Forgot to prime these at this time.
Skipping on to the rear we have the last three bulkheads. The middle one has the attachment points for the horizontal stabilizer (AKA - tail plane)
A bunch more parts ready to degrease and prime. These are the remaining two bulkheads, seat ribs and baggage floor ribs.
And some more odds and sods ready for the primer.

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