Optional extra time. This is the pre-punched map box kit that fits into the instrument panel.
Put the two halves together and you get the box.
This is the flap motor and actuator with the optional preset positioning system. Couldn't resist connecting this lot together and testing it before going any further.
Simple system really. The thin rod moves with the actuator which in turn operates two micro switches. One switch is used to stop the motor on the way down and has three notches for 10,20 and 40 degrees. The other switch only operates when fully retracted. The unit is shown in the 40 deg position and extends to raise the flaps.
Deluxe throttle quadrant. Had to go with this as looks cool. Supposed to be for the tandem RV's but I'm going to fabricate a center console and fit in there.
Way off needing these but while at the PFA Rally nothing else took my eye so I got these from Andair.
The fuel selector will hopefully go in the center console as well.

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