The Fuselage, Ordered  9th December 2002

Delivered 18th March 2003 By Bax Global (fuselage kit shipped by air freight after so much hassle with damaged kits via sea to the UK). Very efficient service and helpful staff here in Aberdeen. Kit arrived in Aberdeen on Friday 14th but because I was out of town until Tuesday 18th they arranged delivery for Wednesday AM delivery. The driver lives not far away, and since he had picked the crate up Tuesday PM, he called past at 7:30pm. Luckily I was in and delivery was made,14hrs early!. Thanks must also go to Barb at Vans as the kit was ready for shipment 2 weeks before, but due to being out of town an email to Barb held the kit back so that it was delivered on my return. All this from half way round the world.

This is what greets you when you lift the lid. A couple of skins and a bunch of brown paper.
Take everything out and your left with the last of the skins and a few strips of aluminum....
And a large pile of brown and white packing paper. This isn't the lot as the less crumpled sheets I've folded and kept to reuse.
Here's all the interesting bits. Things that move and control the final product.
More skins and bulkheads and formers and seat ribs. To the left is the two rudder pedal weld ments.
More interesting stuff. The two long white bits top right are the main legs, with there mounts top left.
Next job is to inventory this lot to make sure it's all there. Main thing is that nothing is damaged.

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