Engine - Fire wall forward

Jan 09 Updates have been slow, as has progress due to other commitments.
Baffle work continues with my able assistant, now age 3 3/4.
He did a good job fitting the paper clips around the top of the baffles to check the clearance to the upper cowl.
Did a bit of research on how to tackle the area behind the ring gear, answer 50:50 which way to go. I've gone for sealing to the under sides of the intake ramps which will require at least part of the inner side of the ramp being sealed to the cowl.
Oil cooled doubler in place

Angle to hold the oil cooler.
  Oil cooler in place. Again research on the oil door gave no real answer of which side to fit it. I've gone for the rear with a control cable into the cabin.
Hot air intake (the larger hole) and alternator blast tube hole
Top plug leads in place.
I was supplied with the heat muff with intake and outlet on the same side. Rather than order a new one I decided to cut it in half and bandage it back together.
Down side will be sealing it and you have to take the exhaust pipe off to fit / remove. If it turns into an issue I'll buy the 120deg unit and cut this one off.
In place and have tested the cowl  fit for interference.
All seams good, just need to rivet it all up and seal.
Cowls on, because they can!
March 09  
Finally got the baffles painted and riveted together. This one fits around #3 Cylinder.
#3 Cylinder.
#4 Cylinder.
#4 Cylinder.
#1 Cylinder.
#1 Cylinder.
#1 Cylinder.
#2 Cylinder.
#2 Cylinder. Still a bit to do for the air intake / snorkel attachement.
#2 Cylinder. The big hole of for the engine air intake and filter.
Fitting inplace. Still to do the rubber seal then hopefully this will be completed.





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