Engine - Fire wall forward

Feb 2007
The big cardboard box, the box is almost as heave as the prop.
The prop has arrived. Hartzel C2YR-1BF/F7496 bought through Van's.
Just had to take it out for a look see.
Prop on the engine and the spinner fitted, still to do the filler pieces behind the prop.
Trial fit of the cowl prior to marking and trimming.
And the other side.
The left side is hard to the spinner to gauge the fit.
Right side gap about 1/8" which by some reports is good.
Inlet cheek on the right is pretty good.
Left side will require a little fiddling before it will fit at the outer side.
Mar 07  
Almost there. The top cowl is drilled to it's hinge and the lower one trimmed to suit.
The inlets are now a good match and I'm surprised how well they fit. There are some horror stories about.
Other side. Still a 1/16" to clean off at the rear end and square up the front.
Close up of inlets.
July 07  
Baffles coming at. Not easy to reach in to mark the cut line.
Then I came up with this tool!, the marker had a 3/4" nylon washer which was a tight fit. This gave the required clearance gap without scratching the ... out of my arms.
The air intake just plain doesn't fit at supplied. I had taken photos of the Superior RV6A at S&F last year where I noted they had cut the thing in half. So 30seconds with the hacksaw and we have half an air intake.
The remaining half.
Then after cutting out a wedge between the two parts and also a wedge out of the joint (the unit is originally made in two parts) to reduce the size of the diameter of the upper parts. Softening with the heat gun to remold to the correct shape then glassing back together and we have a fitting air intake. Not too much work once the decision to slice in two was taken.



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