Engine - Fire wall forward

Oct 2006  
So another big day arrived, time to put the legs on.
This went very smoothly until....
I came to the nose leg. The plans for the 6A has the bolt inserted from the bottom with the nut on the top. The 7A the opposite but requires a hole in the firewall to fit the bolt through. Well I have a 7A mount and it would appear that the geometry is slightly different and the bolt is too close to the firewall to get a nut on so I had to take the engine mount off again and drill the 3/4" hole. The location of which is also a little out so I'll end up making this a 1" hole but now I need a new plug to fill it. Ho hum...
Just incase you haven't seen one, this is the latest version of the nose fork assembly, The pivot nut is about 1" higher from the ground, I'm told.
The engine on the stand that it came on about to be lifted into position.
This is one clever stand, some thought has gone into the design as once you pick it up..
This bracket arrangement lets you unbolt the stand from around the engine ..
And leave it suspended with out having to transfer the load.
Now up into position we go.
I started with the top left mounting.
This is the easy one which takes 2 minutes.
Then top right. This takes a little longer, maybe 10 minutes of shoving and pulling to get it lined up. A sign of things to come.
Then bottom left which took a little more persuasion to get in in there.
And finally the bottom right.
Job done, single handed and took about 1 1/2 hours.
On to connecting it all up. Here's the fuel pump overboard line.
The sniffle valve, essential on a horizontal set-up especially with a Ryton sump. The exhaust fits like a glove, too. Note that there is no way I could use the aft sniffle valve port with my exhaust. Just no room, you can just see the brass plug aft of the present location and directly above the pipe from #4 cylinder.
The mixture linkage and fuel supply lines
Left side view of progress to date.
And a view from the front right.
The two capped hoses are for the oil cooler, you can also see the tube running vertical against the firewall, this is the oil breather line. No inverted oil system on this engine (yet!)
Started to dry fit the baffles, I need to fit the cowl before I can do much more but I can prime these parts and attach the stiffener plates
Ah my assistant, just to show I don't have to do everything myself!
New style nose gear, 4 1/2" clearance.



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