Engine - Fire wall forward

Oct 2005  
And some of the parts starting to find their homes. This is a 6A but the FWF will be basically the same as a 7A
Engine mount fitted, will have to be removed again to drill the last penetrations for engine controls and cables.
Installed so far are the master and starter relays, battery box, fuel line from the electric fuel pump, cabin heat box. At the top is the brake reservoir and the oil pressure sender line. Out of site is the pressure sensor mount, shown in the picture above.
The engine baffle kit, lots of precut and bent parts.
Which ends up wrapped around the engine something like this, wait and all will be revealed.
Dec 2005  
Plan of control parts for the engine mixture and throttle.
This is one of the assemblies above, the part on the right mounts on the engine and reverses the direction of travel and also allows the control to dog leg around the front of the sump to the injector servo.
Injector servo mounted to the front side of the light weight sump. Air enters from the front which is covered up at present. This side has the throttle control arm, the mixture is on the other side and higher up. Both arms will require reorientation as set-up at present for vertical operation per a standard sump set-up.
Drawing for the attachment of the alternator.
And the alternator mounted loose on the engine. The tensioning bracket still requires a joggle to fit correctly and there is also a tie bar between the lower alternator mount and the starter motor to be fitted
Rear view of the alternator, got to figure a way to relocate hose which carries oil to control the variable pitch prop.
March 2006  
In between other jobs I made this small strap from 1/4" bar supplied in the alternator kit. This ties the alternator and the starter motor together just to stabilize things a little more. Bit of a pain as it's tough stuff and needed an offset bent into it.
Sept 06  
Alternator brackets all painted and fitted.
Still to torque and bent the anti-rotation tabs.
Manifold pressure port fitted.
Oil pressure port fitted, (the red cap above the mag). This is supplied by Vans and has a restrictor fitted to slow the release of oil if the hose bursts.

Just below the oil filter is one of the lines that go to the oil cooler. This is a sod to fit latter and as I had to remove the mag to fit the oil pressure port I fitted this as well. The angle it comes off at is quite important so that the hose misses the governor control bracket.



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