New Photos

Feb 2007  
The final panel layout almost, I've also built the centre console and installed the quadrant. To help clean up the panel I've also made a sub panel to hold all the breakers and switches. Above the fuel valve is a row of switches, land light, Taxi light, flaps, fuel pump and pitot heat. Above them there are 4 controls for oil cooler door, alt. air, park brake and cabin heat. The breakers to the right are the main bus and to the left Avoinics bus.
This is the final panel layout with most of the expensive parts installed. The AF-3500EE is on order but will be a few months before it arrives. It looks like a powered up Trio, but no, it's a paper cutout! Far right top will be a CDI head for the Kx155. I'm planning on making an interface to make the KNS80 mimic a SL30 so the hsi on the AF-3500 will work with it. Watch this space.
The big cardboard box, the box is almost as heave as the prop.
The prop has arrived. Hartzel C2YR-1BF/F7496 bought through Van's.
Just had to take it out for a look see.
Prop on the engine and the spinner fitted, still to do the filler pieces behind the prop.
Trial fit of the cowl prior to marking and trimming.
And the other side.
The left side is hard to the spinner to gauge the fit.
Right side gap about 1/8" which by some reports is good.
Inlet cheek on the right is pretty good.
Left side will require a little fiddling before it will fit at the outer side.
Mar 07  
Almost there. The top cowl is drilled to it's hinge and the lower one trimmed to suit.
The inlets are now a good match and I'm surprised how well they fit. There are some horror stories about.
Other side. Still a 1/16" to clean off at the rear end and square up the front.
Close up of inlets.